Tangram of 8 Pieces



The game of eight elements is a tangram of eight pieces that prove on having done special courts(cuts) in an equilateral triangle, his(her,your) aim(lens) as that of other tangrams is to form(train) with his(her,your) eight elements determined figures that can be geometric or not, attending initially(originally) of using always the eight and not placing one on other one.
Unlike the Chinese tangram the person who designed this new tangram thought that all the pieces were different, made this one, and of that it(he,she) has one more piece, it(he,she) does that the figures are more difficult to arm(assemble) improving this way the mental capacity, the spatial location and the reasoning




To construct it, the equilateral triangle divides in 36 triangles that also are equilateral. Each of them is called a basic triangle and if we take it as as a unit of area is observed that the areas of the respective figures are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8, basic triangles. Each one receives the name according to his(her,your) area